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Even this interest is stronger some days than others. When I came home this afternoon, the temerature was a little above freezing so I went barefoot from the car to the house, as is my usual habit. In the car, I had already started unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing under my jacket. While I would usually hang my jacket in the closet, go to the back of the house, put down my stuff and then take off my clothes, today I took off my shirt and jacket at the same time and almost had my pants and underwear off before the jacket and shirt even hit the living room floor.

Then, instantly naked in the living room, I removed the shirt from the jacket, hung up the jacket and carried my clothes into the other room. I couldn't quite imagine why anyone would want to come home and not undress. Unfortuneately, not everyone can be regularly nude at home. This was last true for me when I lived with a straight roommate a of years ago.

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Before that I had been in a college dorm or living with my parents, which also meant staying dressed often. However, I wasn't the avid nudist then that I am now. I enjoyed nudity, but usually it only lasted for relatively short time, when everyone was out. People would leave, I would undress and enjoy the sensation for a while with a boner the whole time and then I would jack off and get dressed again.

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Even then, I would sometimes find great place for naked adventures in the woods, or nude at home stories I knew nobody nude at home stories catch me. However when my roommate went out-of-town for a few weeks, I immediately recognized this as the opportunity to start living more nakedly. I use the word "immediate" because I could hardly stand to keep my clothes on when driving home after dropping him off at the airport. He never knew it, but my choice of clothing that day was based on what could come off fastest.

After I got home, I stripped and spent a couple of hours stroking, and sitting naked in parts of the apartment where I hadn't before. I got up on the kitchen counter, put my feet in the sink and watched my reflection in the glass oven door across the room as I grabbed my nipples and escallated my pleasure higher and higher on the edge of orgasm. When it fianlly happend, I shot more sperm than I thought my balls could hold in one of lifes truly top-notch moments of pleasure. But afterward it felt strange to be nude in the kitchen and I started to go get my clothes, but I stopped.

I thought about the fact that my uneasiness was conditioned and that it really did feel better to be unrestrained, to feel the air currents of the room, to feel the texture of the furniture on my bare butt, back, feet and any other part of me that touched anything.

For a moment I felt vulnerable, and I had to tell myself that the door was just as locked as it was a few minutes before, the curtains were still closed as before and my roommate was still a thousand miles away and would be for weeks. I also thought about how I had felt invincable while horny and naked and that nothing had really changed.

I stayed naked in the kitchen, cleaned up my sperm and then dared to have a snack, which I knew would feel even stranger than just being nude and doing what I was used to doing without clothes. The strategy worked. My first naked snack was so strange that afterward being just naked but not having to also eat seemed normal by comparison. My clothes were still in the bedroom, I was in the kitchen and went directly to the living room where I laid on the couch and watched TV.

The couch had never been so comforable before as it was now that I could relax there nude. After about twenty minutes, TV stared to become boring and I started running my hands over my body and getting hard again. The rest of the evenig was a leisurely mix of relaxing, TV, radio, minor housework and stroking my cock, all while naked. After shooting another load, I slept well for a few hours and then woke up becasue I was not used to being nude in bed. I resisted the temptation to put on underwear or pajams and instead went into the bathroom.

After starting to jack off again, I suddenly realized that I was no longer restricted to the bathroom so I walked around in all the rooms stroking and then let loose in the kitchen sink. Now I could sleep well again. When I woke up in the morning, it felt great to be free of clothes.

I got up and took a shower. Then I was again about to get dressed, but as I started to pick up a pair of jeans I suddenly remembered again that I was under no obligation to put on any clothes at that time.

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Once again it was fun to be in the kitchen preparing my breakfast while nude. Most of the time my erection bounced in front of me as I walked or moved around the apartment. It felt really fun and strange when I sat down at the table to eat. I put a napkin on my lap just so I could feel the texture of it on the head of my cock, which was sticking almost straight up at that point.

After eating, I put my feet up on the table and sat back in my chair. I took the glass of water which I had almost finished and held it high up and poured it down so a drop would roll down my upper chest to my nipple. It seemed like my erection was bigger and harder than it had ever been before. After a little while and a few more droplets of water, I had to move quickly when I felt my load starting to shoot. This happend without even stroking myself and the intensity was amazing as a wave of pleasure just seemed to shoot through my entire body.

I bent forward to stop it for a little while, and then stood up and started sperming the tile floor. This was my first double nude at home stories. I learned just how good nudity and jacking off could be in those weeks on my own. I had often suspected that I would like to do this, but had never had the chance to explore my own sexual existance in that depth before. Copyright SMI-Help.

Nude at home stories

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